Steroid synthol nedir

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[ ] Synthol is composed of 85% medium-chain triglyceride oils (a fatty acid), % lidocaine (painkiller), and 5 benzyl alcohol. The preparation is injected deep into the muscle where it is encapsulated between the fascicles (bundles of muscle fibers) . With repeated injections, a larger volume of oil builds up inside the muscle, expanding its size like a balloon filling up with air. About 30% of what is injected is metabolized by the body. The other 70% remains lodged in the muscle where it breaks down very slowly over three to five years.

Steroids are typical legal in most countries, like my country Canada. I
understand that someone may not want to say they use steroids due to not
wanting to implicate himself,but the thing with people like Matt Ogus is
that they scream&yell about being natural on every video,it’s a point they
brag it’s obvious they’re not they had some integrity
they would just not mention drug use or no drug use for that matter… They
don’t have to insist on being natural in every video.

Steroid synthol nedir

steroid synthol nedir


steroid synthol nedirsteroid synthol nedirsteroid synthol nedirsteroid synthol nedirsteroid synthol nedir