Steroid era quotes

Anson is also given the credit, or the blame, for setting the stage for the longest-lasting version [2] of the infamous " color line " resulting in African-Americans being barred from major league baseball. In an August 10, 1883, exhibition game against the then-independent Toledo Blue Stockings, who would before the next season join the American Association, the highly bigoted Anson refused to field his team as long as Toledo's catcher Moses Walker , who was black, was in the lineup; Anson claimed that Walker was ineligible to play because the rules then in effect permitted only "gentlemen" to play and, according to Anson, Walker as a black person was incapable of satisfying the definition of a "gentlem[a]n." The umpires disagreed and threatened both to grant the Blue Stockings a victory by forfeit and to deprive Anson and his team of their share of the day's ticket sales unless Anson and his team took the field. [3] Anson relented and the game went on with Walker in the Toledo lineup, but in an 1884 game against Toledo, by now affiliated with the AA and playing as the Mudhens, Anson held his line and insisted that the arrangements for the game include a provision excluding black players from both teams' lineups. By the 1897 season, the leagues adopted an agreement that neither they nor their minor-league affiliates would not admit black players, [4] establishing a state of racial apartheid in professional baseball for the next half-century.

Only four teams in the 162-game era have won 109 games in a single season; the Astros are on pace to win 109 games, and the Dodgers are on pace to win 110. There’s been a lot of thrilling baseball played through the first half of the season, but these months have belonged to the Astros and Dodgers. It’s too early to say that they are guaranteed to meet each other in the World Series, but barring any significant injuries, it’s hard to imagine too many teams mounting a defense against either of them (glares at the Cubs). If you want to start getting excited about the prospect of Kershaw facing the Astros’ lineup in Game 1 of the World Series, you can’t be blamed.

Steroid era quotes

steroid era quotes


steroid era quotessteroid era quotessteroid era quotessteroid era quotessteroid era quotes