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Trainer Eric Guillot was handed a five-day suspension and paid a $3,000 fine after a filly in his care, Champagne D'Oro , tested positive for the prohibited steroid trenbolone at Del Mar this summer, according to the California Horse Racing Board.

In a stipulated agreement with the 47-year-old trainer, the CHRB stayed 25 days of a 30-day suspension provided Guillot commits no further medication violations for a one-year probationary period. Guillot reportedly completed his five-day suspension Oct. 27.

Champagne D' Oro won the sixth race at Del Mar on Aug. 9. However, a post-race urine sample tested by the Maddy Lab at the University of California-Davis detected the presence of trenbolone, classified as a Class 3 substance. A split sample tested by Industrial Laboratories confirmed the earlier finding, according to the CHRB.

Trenbolone is an anabolic steroid used in livestock. It builds muscle and increases appetite.

Stewards at Santa Anita earlier ordered redistribution of the purse, which was worth $27,540 to the winner. Southern Equine Racing owns Champagne d'Oro.

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Stallion labs trenbolone

stallion labs trenbolone


stallion labs trenbolonestallion labs trenbolone