Rohm steroids side effects

Thank you democrat party for making our schools, courts, the military and government “God Free Zones,” Great job. Thank you for the gift of the ACLU…, so instrumental in making the good old USA a “Prayer Free Nation.”
Thank you democrat party for promoting child pornography and homosexual marriage while promoting the idea of the same PLUS pre-marital sex to children.
Thank you democrastic party for an out of wedlock birth rate of 70 percent in the black community and over fifty percent nationally. Kudos Thank you for our out of control immigration system wherein millions of illegals have been allowed to flood the country and take jobs from millions of Americans who can’t find a job or support their families.

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Rohm steroids side effects

rohm steroids side effects


rohm steroids side effectsrohm steroids side effectsrohm steroids side effectsrohm steroids side effectsrohm steroids side effects