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Tucker has always eaten Science Diet food and has been fairly healthy…he does have PRA which is hereditary where he has gone blind. He started vomiting so I took him to his vet and found out he was dehydrated and have high liver count. He’s been there over night two times and the vet has put him on Science Diet LD and Denosyl and another chewable tablet. He eats it fine and has gotten better. The problem i am having is when I take him outside…he finds anything he can to eat. Is he not getting enough to fill his belly from eating this food?

“I have come to find the diseases from allergies, asthma, atopy, anaphylaxis, eczema, Type I-IV hypersensitivity reactions, cancer, all the autoimmune diseases, Cushing’s, Addison’s, hypothyroid, obesity; heart, liver, kidney disease; vision problems, cell mediated immunity problems; bacterial, viral, fungal, yeast  infections, parasites, internal and external, skin parasites, inter and extra-cellular pathogens like Lyme Disease and Leptospirosis, cytotoxic t cells, all manners of heart disease – all of these and many more are vaccine induced disease. Early aging is vaccine disease, as are anal gland problems, pancreatic problems – all of this can be vaccine induced.

Bordetella in the nose killed my cat in 1 wk. Her kidneys gave out. Just the other day I took my 7 month old puppy to get Bordetella shot because I needed to board her. She was so sick and would not let me touch her that night. It took 4 days and I ended up canceling my trip to care for her. She is better but the place they injected her has a hard mass. I will never get this shot or put in the nose again for any pet. I should have learned 10 years ago when my cat died of kidney failure just after getting Bordetella in her nose. Please dont get this shot. Forge documents if you need to board your pet before doing this one. My puppy is not out of the woods. The hard mass from the shot may very well turn into cancer. I’m just sick.

Quality vet steroids 2012

quality vet steroids 2012


quality vet steroids 2012quality vet steroids 2012quality vet steroids 2012quality vet steroids 2012