Naps steroids before and after

I'm 18 just under 10 stone, I'm about to start a naps 50mg cycle just want abit for info I know people have said don't do it an all the side effects but I'm going to do it regardless not for ever just for now, but I would like to know the best cycle time ? Like 4 weeks on 2 weeks of then back on? I know it's toxic to the liver and I know to drink plenty of water and there's things out there like milk thistle an other stuff if need be, I was also things of just halfing the tab an taking 25 mg a day to start of with?, but there is my questions^??

Users will find a number of recommendations for Nap 50 usage in cycles or stacked with other components such as testosterone, growth factors, growth hormone, or anti-estrogenic drugs and so forth, but be aware that the more drugs you use, the increased risk of side effects.
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Naps steroids before and after

naps steroids before and after


naps steroids before and afternaps steroids before and afternaps steroids before and afternaps steroids before and afternaps steroids before and after