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I had Psoriasis for 28 years. My affected areas were my hands, forearms, elbows, between my eyes, ear canals, knees, and my Achilles heel area of my ankle. This year, I made a discovery, and it made my gray scaly red irritated skin return to healthy looking skin. I have no more itching, burning, scaly skin, its all gone. How did I do it?
Everyday after taking a hot shower, I apply baby oil to my skin; hands forearms, elbows. I didn’t apply any baby oil to these areas: knees, Achilles heel ankle area, inner eyes, or ear canal.

Hi Chloe,
It can take several days for your nose to “return to normal” after stopping oxymetazoline. Some people will only use it in one side of the nose each day, alternating sides for one day at a time, doing that over 3-4 days. This can improve your ability to breathe through your nose at night – at least one side, so you can sleep. Also consider using “hypertonic” nasal saline rinses to help decrease swelling of the nasal lining.
Best success! Not being able to breathe through your nose can be miserable.

You commented that your skin was too thin. If you are on topical steroids, after a while they do cause the skin to become thin. I know a group of people on the internet who claim they were addicted to topical steroids and finally found a doctor in LA that told them they must come off all at once. When they do, they do have a giant reaction as their bodies re-adjust. The support group I found actually supports each other when going through this itchy time. Some of them seem to get better later (after removing their addiction) and some seem to go back to their usual rash and deal with that. I’m not an expert, but I find this all interesting. My dermatologist told me to not stay on topical steroids for more than 30 days. (I like cucumber juice at times and have tried aloe vera plant) Working on diet things too.

Genesis meds steroids

genesis meds steroids


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