Cure for acne caused by steroids

Acne and acne prone skin can be caused by a variety of reasons including hormone imbalance, genetics, internal and environmental factors. Many people with acne may also have oily skin but that doesn't necessarily mean oily skin leads to acne. Some people are plagued with combination skin which involves dry peeling acne. Others have nornal skin coupled with acne. The solution these 3 homemade face masks provide is nourishment of skin. Nourishing the skin combats all sorts of problems including oily, dry and combination skin. This in turn will protect your skin from germs and excess sebum secretion which may lead to acne.

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Tea tree oil has only a mild antibacterial property and is overrated for acne treatment. At best, it can treat mild acne. Benz*yl per*xide is OK for mild acne, and in combination with other creams is OK for moderate acne. The side effects of redness and drying can be quite severe. I suspect that you need a stronger dose of acne treatment than what is available over the counter. There are too many different types of acne products on the retail shelves purporting to treat acne, however these work only for mild to moderate acne. Most people don’t know that. For severe acne, you are doing yourself a disservice if you keep trying these retail products with no success. While you are trying and trying for months, your skin is getting worse and worse and you are accumulating more and more scars. Acne is easily treated. Scars are a different story. They take more time, money and pain to treat. Some are permanent and cannot be removed. So please see a doctor if you have tried over the counter medicines without success. Most of my patients do not need oral medications, but some with sever acne benefit greatly with a short course of oral meds.

Cure for acne caused by steroids

cure for acne caused by steroids


cure for acne caused by steroidscure for acne caused by steroidscure for acne caused by steroidscure for acne caused by steroidscure for acne caused by steroids