Corticosteroids vs steroids

Norbert Schemansky… X Olympic Weightlifting Champion, Dead at 92 The great Norbert “Norb” Schemansky, of Dearborn, Michigan, has passed on to join other Olympic Weightlifting legends such as, Tommy Kono. He passed away, quietly, September 8th 2016, while being cared for by hospice. Nicknamed, “Mr. Weightlifting”, or “The Professor”, during his career, “Ski” was the FIRST Olympic weightlifter to win FOUR medals. Schemansky was a member of the world famous York Barbell Club, […]

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    Glucocorticoids are potent anti-inflammatories, regardless of the inflammation's cause; their primary anti-inflammatory mechanism is lipocortin-1 (annexin-1) synthesis. Lipocortin-1 both suppresses phospholipase A2 , thereby blocking eicosanoid production, and inhibits various leukocyte inflammatory events ( epithelial adhesion , emigration , chemotaxis , phagocytosis , respiratory burst , etc.). In other words, glucocorticoids not only suppress immune response, but also inhibit the two main products of inflammation, prostaglandins and leukotrienes . They inhibit prostaglandin synthesis at the level of phospholipase A2 as well as at the level of cyclooxygenase /PGE isomerase (COX-1 and COX-2), [29] the latter effect being much like that of NSAIDs , potentiating the anti-inflammatory effect.

    Corticosteroids vs steroids

    corticosteroids vs steroids


    corticosteroids vs steroidscorticosteroids vs steroidscorticosteroids vs steroidscorticosteroids vs steroidscorticosteroids vs steroids