Cataracts causes steroids

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First thanks to your great articles and share the same to rest of the world. My mother aged 79 has brown cataract – it seems in span of 10-15 years rapid development has happened and only faint vision like some light can be seen (due to which she is one eye patient). B-scan shows attached retina. Is it possible with phaco (recent advancements) brown cataracts can be removed surgery. Do new generations of Alcon phaco machines – INFINITI help in this area? What are risks involved with brown cataracts removal and probability of sight restoration.

I had Lasik surgery the summer of 2009 at age 45. I was considered a good candidate for the surgery. I had very good vision (20/15) for almost 2 years, but then started noticing changes. My regular eye doctor thought that I was simply suffering from dry eye. After about 8 months of treatment, the doctor could see cataracts forming. I just had cataract surgery on my left eye Feb 26, 2014 at age 50, only 2-1/2 years after noticing the first vision degradation. The cataract was rated 3+. This cataract caused blurring and multiple images, rather than cloudiness or discoloration. I also have a cataract forming in my right eye, though it isn't progressing as aggressively as the left eye did. I do not have any health issues such as diabetes, I never took steroids except for the eye drops after Lasik surgery, and I have never had any type of eye injury which would cause early cataracts. I believe that the Lasik surgery or follow-up eye drops caused me to develop early, aggressive cataracts.

Cataracts causes steroids

cataracts causes steroids


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