Can i reuse syringes for steroids

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Yea man idk if it would be safe it let the left over oils that I'm sure are stuck to the sides and tip a little laying around and then mixing with new oils from the vial...better bet to probably just switch it up every time and I know you would like to save the money man but order from amazon box of 100 for $ no shipping....pretty cheap cost and will last also if not a fan of ordering them online for whatever reason tractor supply has them out on the shelves with regular inventory for rigtht around same place and lastly, not sure if ur from the UK but think u can go to medical supply places get them for free from what I have read around here

It looks like greater liability is needed: Civil liability without limit and criminal liabilityconsisting of: no injury = attempted agrivated assult; injury without death = agrivated assult; 1 or 2 deaths = murder; 3 or more deaths = capital murder. At least that is how we can do it here in Texas. The liable parties need to be the clinician actually engaging in reckless behavior and any supervisor who directs reuse or fails to forbid reuse. In addition liability insurers need to get on board. It would be reasonable to rate clinicians and facilities where this is a problem and charge them about 10 times as much for E&O premiums for at least a decade. Clinicians who are involved in such cases need to carry their liability issue with them even if they change employers and their new employer needs to be required to pay a similarly enhanced facility liability premium. This will make such recklessness be career ending. This is a problem because it is not being taken seriously. The lives and health of patients is seen as less valuable than a disposable syringe. Those who hold this view need to be seen as having a career that is less valuable than a disposable syringe too.

Can i reuse syringes for steroids

can i reuse syringes for steroids


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