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Does building a great body and being ripped you get girls? No. A lot of my gym buddies and myself included got into the gym to help with confidence levels. Unfortunately, after years of training, I’ve yet to find an exercise on the gym room floor that helps build confidence. That’s achieved from success with women and success in general. Bodybuilding has made me more routine based and rigid. It’s hard to be running game late nights at clubs when you’re prepping for a show or trying to maximise your results naturally. As I never feel content with my body, I’m even more self conscious about my limitations. Girls pick up on this. A great body is only helpful If it’s part of a complete package. It can actually hurt your chances with women if you don’t have the other elements in play.

As someone who deeply enjoys both dudes’ styles of play, it’s a cool drop of relief to see them shut up the skeptics and sustain good tennis for a whole week to make a final of this magnitude. But as someone who has watched both long enough to know, I would not go so far as to confidently project big things for either at the . Open, which begins next week. They’re just a little too volatile for any bold predictions. Just hold out modest hope and believe it when you see it. The unending Federer-Nadal show has been pleasant enough, but, c’mon—let them duel for year-end No. 1 and leave this dang thing for someone else. It’s bizarre to see it in writing, but in 2017 the most radical outcome might simply be someone in their 20s lifting a major trophy.

This is so fucking unbelievable I think i might be dreaming. So a few days ago all my funds on alplhabay got locked. In a mysterious way my pin was changed right after my deposit. I didnt have the fucking secret sentence so support tells me to make a new account. I buy some new bitcoins and want to move to another market. Yesterday i make an account on Valhalla with 2FA authentication. I wrote my password and everything down got it all backed up because i dont wanna get fucked over again like on alphabay. Since yesterday I’ve been loggin in and out multiple times looking around on the market. Then a few hours ago I transfer my bitcoins to my Valhalla wallet to make a purchase. Guess what. NOW IT SAYS MY FUCKING USERNAME OR PASSWORD IS WRONG WHAT THE FUCK IS. Man i wish there was a market with a little decency, honesty, respect and a vision. Seriously its all about hustlin and fucking people over whenever the chance is there. Exploiting their anonymity to be assholes because hehehe people cant do nothing about it. Right. With this behaviour the markets and networks are slowly decomposed from the inside doing the law inforcement a favour. With trust, mutual respect, common interest and visions the potential to revolt is there. But im affraid its now all about getting a piece of the cake and dont give a fuck. Anyway how do i get in touch with support?

Big popeye steroids legit

big popeye steroids legit