Best 1st cycle of steroids

I got in to riding way back in primary school as we either had to walk or ride and as all cyclists know walking sucks.
I didn't start racing till I was in 4th form so about 14. It all started because I was in the school triathlon team and the school cycling coach could see my strength was in cycling so he talked me in to coming along to the club racing on Saturdays.
Lets just say I never looked back and I'm still hooked and love kicking the guys butts.
I've been riding with the GMC Development Team since Feb 2014 where my first race was Bev Mays womens tour where I rode alongside Devon Hiley. I've really enjoyed being apart of the GMC team this year as its always a great feeling going to races knowing your apart of a great team and with out a doubt there will be plenty of laughs.
A really memorable time this year with the GMC team was at the winter K2 training camp held in Coromandel where I joined the boys for 3 days of training. It was awesome fun and i rode the furthest I have ever ridden in my life hitting 200k in one ride.
As for who is responsible for my may results over the last few years. My Husband and GMC coach Josh Page is the one. Josh has been coaching me for about 4 years now. Many people ask how on earth does that work. I feel that out of all my coaches he's been the best because he's around me all the time on and off the bike so he gets to know and see and understand how I work as everyday is different. At the end of the day its my choice if i want to do the training he's given me or not but the way I see it if I want to win and be as awesome as Gordy (and Josh) then I better do it.

- Long listed for the 2006 Comm Games
- 2006 U19 Oceania Road Race Champ
- Winner Womens Open Crit Taupo 2007
- 3x Overall GC Elite Womens Hub tour
- Sprint Ace 2014 Te Awamutu Tour
- 2nd Overall 2014 Te Awamutu Tour
- 2nd NZ National Champs Individual Pursuit, Track
- 1st both rounds of the 2014 North Island Teams Series race, Currently Leading the series
- Multiple NZ Road Race and Time Trial champs medals
(Amount a million other results, she has a success ratio even Eddy Merckx would be envious of.)

Products of fashion, by definition, have a shorter life cycle, and they thus have a much shorter time in which to reap their reward. A distinction is sometimes made between fashion items, such as clothing, and pure fads, such as the notorious pet rocks. It is not always immediately obvious into which of these two categories a product falls. When they were first introduced in the early 1980s, in-line skates seemed as if they might be a brief fad. But 25 years later they were still selling strongly, firmly set in the mature stage of their life cycle. They may not be destined for the life cycle of the corn flake, but they have already outlived many seemingly more permanent products.

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Best 1st cycle of steroids

best 1st cycle of steroids


best 1st cycle of steroidsbest 1st cycle of steroidsbest 1st cycle of steroidsbest 1st cycle of steroidsbest 1st cycle of steroids