Anabolic windowtm

But the question at hand is whether artificial sweeteners cause you to crave more sweets and hinder your weight-loss goals. Some argue that substituting artificial sweeteners for the "real deal" may cause you to crave additional sugary snacks, or cause you to increase your energy intake at the next meal. "I had a Diet Coke with lunch, so I can eat this cupcake for dessert" is one such possible rationalization. However, a recent review article published in the International Journal of Obesity found that both calorie intake and body weight decreased with the consumption of artificial sweeteners relative to sugar.[8]

In my opinion the article is very informative, the essence is : Do not go too much after the window concept. No need to get panicky or depressed if there is delay in consumption or the quantity is not large (as recommended).Also just for the sake of numbers (so many grams of this and that) no need to stuff your self. Just go by your instinct and feel, this will definitely keep you calm and comfortable .
Take care of other factors related to recovery like rest & sleep,stress management variations in workout intensity etc. Nutrition in not the sole contributor.

Anabolic windowtm

anabolic windowtm


anabolic windowtmanabolic windowtmanabolic windowtmanabolic windowtmanabolic windowtm