Anabolic cooking recipes book

Hi Ali: Regarding the mint studies…I just saw this on Suppversity…regarding the difference between mints effects on male and female rats…..Spearmint (M. spicata): At least in women spearmint tea has been shown to increase estrogen and luteinizing hormone in the follicular phase of their menstrual cycle (Aktodgan. 2007). In a 2004 study that was conducted on male rodents, on the other hand, the daily administration of peppermint tea (M. spicata) for a period of 30days lead to significant increases in luteinizing and follicle stimulating hormone and increases in serum testosterone, yet with the serious downside of “extensive degenerative changes in the germinal epithelium and spermatogenesis arrest compared with the findings in the testicular biopsies of the control group” (Aktogan. 2003) interesting for sure!

I made this recipe over the weekend & have been eating it for lunch/dinner every day. It’s delicious! I love how versatile the recipe is too. I added in additional veggies and all the tastes mixed together are perfect. I also love how you can customize the recipe to meet your needs. I used almond milk and less cheese to make it even healthier, and it tastes perfect! People could even skip the cayenne pepper (if they don’t want it spicy), and this would be like a pasta primavera meets macaroni & cheese. Thanks for a great recipe. I’ll be using this one for years to come.

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Anabolic cooking recipes book

anabolic cooking recipes book


anabolic cooking recipes bookanabolic cooking recipes bookanabolic cooking recipes bookanabolic cooking recipes bookanabolic cooking recipes book